I have taken my fist step to the tourism sector with my education in the tourism and hotel management department of the Trabzon Black Sea Technical University in 2004. Thre I had the chance to develop my theoretical
knowledge and complete it with practical trainings I received in many areas of tourism such as travel agents, restaurants, and hotels. I was manager at hotels and restaurants, including the restaurant I opened myself in Istanbul.
Between 2011 and 2013 I was the general manager in the Topkapı restaurant in Khartoum, Sudan’s capital city
where we could provide valuable services to our guests in Africa. Aftr Middle Eastern Arabs started showing
high interest in our country, I returned to Trabzon, my hometown at the black sea. I spent a very successful and
busy year with real estate services, tour organizations and accommodation especially for Arabic tourists in 2015.
With my wife and business partner Fatma Gülak Şahin we founded In November 2015 the travel agency that
we dreamed of and named it ‘Surur Tourism’. Mrs. Fatma, shareholder of our company, is also the director of
bookings and public relation units and serves in Arabic, English, German and Turkish. Our fist project aftr
the establishment of our company was the acquisition of “Sultan’s Residence by Surur” in Istanbul, which offrs
accommodation with 24 suite apartments to tourists who came to visit our country.
We will always serve tourists and our country with an honest, reliable, qualitative and flxible approach. Short
term profis are not important for us, rather than the long term satisfaction of our guests. Threfore we state, that
guests who prefer us once will prefer us permanently. Ths is our biggest desire.